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Welcome to Room 1

visit our class blog  and see our work in progress! 

We are looking at the Material World around us in a Science context currently in Room 1 with a focus on "Mixing and Changing".  We have been looking at "what makes matter change?"
Different processes can lead to change.  The first look at this was Making Butter. We started with cream in a jar and shook and shook and shook it until we got tired then we gave it to the next person to have a turn.  The cream soon turned into whipped cream and then we added a marble to the jar to keep the cream moving and again shook and shook and shook. Soon we had butter in our jars and some water that is called butter milk.  We added a little bit of salt to some of the butter and had a sample of each kind of butter on bread.  There are some great photos in our gallery and also some great published pieces of writing about the process on display in our classroom.

Next we looked at popcorn.  The kernels were orange and yellow and hard before we started.  We heated the kernels, some in a popcorn machine and some in the hot frypan with some oil.  When the kernels heated up they popped.   And again we got to sample the popcorn - yum!!

Also last week on Thursday the Seniors put on a disco for us.  The theme of our disco was Superheroes and we had all sorts of super heroes dancing and playing games. Fun, fun fun!  Photos in our gallery of the disco as well.

Reminders for Week 6 - Wednesday - Library bus.  Thursday - Winter Sports Day at Reporoa Primary School - we need some parents to supervise sports teams please - for all or part of the day - any time you have spare would be appreciated.  Friday - Room 1 assembly at 11am.  Our class is hosting the assembly and sharing some of our learning.  Please come along and share with us.

​Welcome back to Room One for Term 3.
This term we welcome Whaea Makere who will be teaching in Room 1 from 12 until 3pm every day.
She will be teaching maths and topic work and she is a fluent Te Reo speaker - we are all looking forward to working and learning together.
We have started the term doing Gymnastics with Sport BOP tutors every Tuesday afternoon. The children are learning balancing, safe landings, bouncing, swinging and lots of other gymnastics moves. You are welcome to come and watch and even help if you are around.  The sessions begin at 1.30pm. 
Also this term the Dental Caravan is visiting.  We have already had a whole class visit and the children will be visiting the nurse when needed. again you are welcome to come and visit with the nurse or call an make an appointment for your preschoolers.
On Wednesday las week we were visited by an exciting storyteller - Zeebong.  He regaled us with tales from his patchwork quilt. The children helped act out some of the stories and thoroughly enjoyed the interactions.
The library bus visited on Wednesday and most of the children now have their own library cards and are borrowing books from the bus. Again we would love you to come and visit the bus with us - watch the newsletter for dates, but it is usually fortnightly on a Wednesday and the bus arrives about 10.30 - 11 o'clock.

All our hard work has paid off - What a fabulous performance from our Juniors (and our Seniors) at the Reporoa Valley Cluster Kapa Haka Festival on Friday.  Well done Room 1. 



Busy, busy busy in Room One this last couple of weeks.  We have had our School Cross Country and our Room One children all ran really successfully.  All that practice paid off and everyone was proud of their achievements.
We had a visit from Amanda and her dog Gus to learn about keeping ourselves safe around dogs, some great discussions, writing and pictures resulted.  Thanks Amanda.
We attended two sessions at with Bernie and Harold at the Life Education Caravan learning about making Healthy Food choices.
We are continuing with our Kapa Haka practices and are looking forward to performing on Friday 21st at the Reporoa College Festival.  Our class will be performing fairly early in the morning, possibly even as early as 9.30am.  Come along and support us please, we are so excited about it.
And of course our Reading, Writing and Maths continues daily with some huge leaps in learning taking place.
Remember parent interviews are every Thursday afternoon. The schedules have been sent home and copies are available from school. If your designated time is not convenient please contact me, Patricia or Robyn and we can make alternative arrangements.
New photos are up of Cross Country, Amanda and Gus's visit and our visit with Berni and Harold.  Enjoy  :)

this week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Buster and his family.  Have a look at some photos from Buster's visit.
Also we farewelled Hadley who is moving to another school in another area with his family.  Good luck Hadley.
Before Hadley left he entered into the Cross Country and won the five year old boys section.  What an exit Hadley well done.  Some great photos are on our page of Cross Country participants - well done Room 1.


Another week has gone and we are practising hard for our Cross Country coming up on Thursday 30th May and our Kapa Haka Festival on the 21 June.  

This week we farewell Hadley who is leaving Lake Rerewhakaaitu School this week.  Good luck at your new school Hadley.

To farewell Hadley we would like to have a shared lunch on Wednesday 29th May at 12.30pm.  It would be great if you could send a plate of healthy-ish food to share and we would love parents and families to join us as well. 

After Queens Birthday weekend (next weekend) we are having the Life Education Caravan.  Our focus is healthy eating and we are looking forward to working with Bernie and meeting Harold.

Congratulations to the children who presented assembly this week. What a great job for five years olds to speak in front of a big audience of teachers, students, parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. Well done guys, and my apologies for the microphone not working.  Thanks parents for coming and supporting us and I hope you are all enjoying having your grass men at home.

Thanks also to the parents who attended interviews on Thursday afternoon.  The rotation for Thursday interviews was in last weeks newsletter.  I look forward to catching up with the rest of you over the course of the term. 

Cross Country and Kapa Haka practices are well underway.  Cross Country is on Thursday 30th May at the domain and the Kapa Haka Festival is on Friday 21 June.  Mark those dates on your calendars, it would be great to see you there.   The Life Education Caravan is visiting Week 5 from the 4th to the 7th June.

Have a great week and another thanks to you all for helping support us in your child's learning.



First week back and all is great.   A little cooler but no frosts yet.  Lots and lots of leaves, and lots of lots of playing in leaves.  Remember layers are best this time of year as the classroom is toasty warm but outside is changeable. 
we are having daily cross country practice after lunch so shorts and tshirts are proving comfortable running gear, being worn under trousers, sweatshirts hoodies or jackets.
THIS WEEK IS ROOM ONE'S ASSEMBLY - 1.30pm THURSDAY IN THE HALL - look forward to seeing you there!

The last week of Term 1 - where did that time go? School Photos on Wednesday, wait till you see them, everyone was turned out in their best clothes with their best hairstyles and most of all best smiles.  The Library bus came on Wednesday and all our library members visited and took out a book. Remember if you want your child to get a library card, the forms are on our wall and it means you can visit the Rotorua Public Library in town too. Thanks for your contributions to our shared lunch onThursday and for coming in to share with us. Have a great holiday. Get lots of rest (mums, dads and students!) and look forward to catching up again on Monday 6th May.

This week we had a visit from Ruru the Road Safety Morepork and his puppet friends.  We learned lots about Road Safety from the Puppet show and thoroughly enjoyed the ways the messages were delivered.
Thanks to those Mums who came in to help with making our grass men, they are very handsome and we are inspecting them daily to see if they have grown yet.  check out the pictures in our gallery.

A short week and a bit of a nip in the air and a bit more welcome rain.  But the flies are really bad!  I will bring my flyspray to school next week now that our last butterfly has hatched and the frogs have headed to a bigger pond.  There are a few bugs around at the moment so lets wrap up warm in the mornings but wear layers that we can peel off in these hot afternoons. I know it's tough that we have more belongings to watch out for but quite important.  Please make sure that the schoolbags are big enough to hold bookbags, extra clothes, shoes, lunchboxes and precious library books.

Speaking of library books, we visited the Library bus again this week, thanks to you who have completed the yellow forms so that the children can borrow books from the bus and the library in town. I encourage only taking one book at a time from the bus which comes fortnightly on a Wednesday about 10.30am. You are welcome to come and browse with your child if you want to take more books out. They love choosing their own books and feel really important bringing them in to share with the others.  We also have a visit to the school library on Thursday afternoons, again we encourage just taking one or two books out. Please take the time to share them with the children. 

Thanks to those Mums who continue to come and help with reading, I hope you enjoy it as much as the children and I do.

Farewell and a huge thanks to Julie Curtis, our Teacher Aide, who left us this week. Julie is so generous, sharing her time and knowledge with the children and always going to extra mile to help. She will be missed by us all.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the Easter Extravanganza at school on Wednesday evening.  The Senior school had set up some fun activities that were enjoyed by all and the yummy range of food that was available was much appreciated too.  
Also a big thanks to the Mums who helped us make our Easter Baskets, Easter Bunny ears and helped with reading during the week as well. It makes things so much more fun having help. 
And to those Mums who helped at Cluster Sports Day on Thursday. It was a big day after the Easter fun on Wednesday evening but our children were fantastic, both in their sporting skills and attitudes.  Well done Room 1 - I hear you made us proud.

As well as a focus on sports and Easter, we have also been thinking about the drought and how our families and community are affected.
Here are some examples of our Writing.

My cows need some grass for the people for their cereal. If the cows have grass they make milk.
By Hadley

Our cows need water so they can drink. They are thirsty. The grass is yellow. The cows can't eat. The grass is not growing. The grass is yuk. The cows are not eating.
By Rivah-Jayne

New Zealand farmers are having trouble with the rain. We are having a drought. We are not having rain in the whole New Zealand
By Jayden

The grass will not grow because there is no rain so the cows can't eat or drink. It is called a drought. Dad can feed out. He is feeding silage to the cows. He is also feeding crops in winter. He is going to call some of the machines to make some hay for the cows.
By Liam

My strawberries need water.
By Syrie

My Dad doesn't have any rain. Now my Dad's cows can't ear grass because the grass is brown. The cows don't like the grass brown, so does my Dad. I don't like the grass brown.
By Tristan

I am getting a big water tank and it is a circle.
By Joshua

I need some grass for my horses and for my goat and rain for my animals.
By Jake

My horses need some raing because they need some grass.
By Kaya

We need water because the cows want water for milk.
By Max

I need water for my cows.
By Jennica

I need some water for my cows and my horses and my sheep and I need some hay.
By TeRaiwa

My Dad needs grass and so he can feed the cows.
By Quinn

What's been happening in Room 1?
Firstly, thanks to all the parents who have been coming in on Thursdays for their appointments with me to have a look at the children's achievements and learning for the year.  

Also a HUGE THANKS to the DADS and NAN who so kindly gave up some time to come and read to the class last week.  The children love being read to and to hear from someone other than the teacher is really powerful.  They were so proud to have you in as well, thanks so much, you are welcome back any time.

Another THANKS to the Mums who are also giving up some time to come in and help with Reading during the week.  I so appreciate it and again being able to read to and with another adult is great for the children.

Have a look at the photos in Galleries for updates on the things we have been doing.

DATES AND EVENTS TO WATCH OUT FOR should show on the calendar, but just for you to note:
Swimming will continue daily while the weather is warm. (the pool is heated)
Leg It - our throwing and catching programme with Sport BOP continues for another two weeks
Easter Extravanganza on Wednesday 27th - late afternoon / early evening is a fundraising event put on by the Senior class to raise funds for camp later in the year.  More details about games, food and fun will be out soon.
CLUSTER SUMMER SPORTS at Reporoa Primary on Thursday 28 March. The whole school attends and the Juniors will play a series of games. competing in one of three teams from our school against the other schools in the Reporoa Cluster. You are welcome to come and watch and we need parents to help on the day if you are available.  
School Photos Wednesday 17th April.
End of term Friday 19th April.

Welcome back for a New Year in Room 1.
I hope you all had an awesome time in the holidays with lots of fun in the sun.  Our first day back is Monday 4 February.
If you were in Room 1 last year don't forget to bring along all your books from last year.
If you are new to Room 1, we are looking forward to you joining us.
Everyone remember your togs, towels, and a swimming bag for wet gear so that we can have a fun swim and cool off in the afternoons.
The new hats have arrived, bring your lunches, a big drink of water and put some sunblock on before you come to school.
See you on Monday! 

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